Scaffolding Safety – Importance of Decking Lifts completely

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Scaffolds are staging structures that are erected to support working platforms that are used while a building is being constructed or repaired. In most countries, it is mandatory for the builders to set up these structures to ensure optimum level of safety for the personnel carrying out the construction or remedial jobs. In Australia, there are numerous companies that offer their clients high quality Scaffolding Supplies, Perth at the most reasonable rates. And, such companies can also furnish services related to minimizing hazards that can result in the professionals falling from the platform. These safety consultancy services also hold high significance value, as 26% workers fall from significant heights while executing the construction jobs on scaffolds, while 15% fall from the same level while doing the same.

One of the best ways of minimizing the risks of falling from the platform is to build fully decking the lifts that are associated with it. This process of completely decking the lift will comprise placing a complete deck of planks at individual lifts, which would be in place as long as the structure is not dismantled. While positioning the planks, the scaffolders always place a full deck on one lift and the move to the second lift and carry out this process till all lifts are fully decked in the most satisfactory way. When the time to dismantle the lifts comes, the professionals always make sure that they remove the planks while standing on the platform (which is fully decked) located below.

Of course, there are some precautions that all experienced tubes and fittings personnel take care of while placing planks on lifts in order to fully deck them. The first point they think of is whether or not the presence of the deck of planks on all lifts would affect the performance of the scaffold in an undesirable manner. This is important, as the lowered performance of the scaffold would mean nothing even if the platform is completely safe to work on. Further, the decks of lifts that are not in used should be cordoned off and labeled so that no users use them mistakenly. Another major concern is that sometimes placing the decks can be a risk in itself; in such cases, a risk evaluation needs to be conducted to see if the manual tasks would be able to keep the employee safe or not.

After adding the fully decked lifts to the Scaffolding Australia structure, there are numerous benefits that the builders can enjoy. The first and most basic advantage that these lifts leverage to the workers is that they would never fall through the scaffold while working, and consequently never experience any fatal falls. The builders can also commission additional jobs, depending upon requirement, from any lift, rather than wait for the personnel to set up a new staging structure each time. Also, the users can place material like shade cloth and other containment units more easily, and carry out routine inspections with greater ease.

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Scaffolding Safety – Importance of Decking Lifts completely

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This article was published on 2011/03/26