Lift Truck Accessories: Booms, Drum Grippers, and Coil Lifting Rams

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Various companies across the globe make different lift truck accessories to be able to expand the regular lift trucks capabilities. Lift truck accessories are specifically designed devices that can expand the range of supplies that could be handled in warehouses and at jobsites. Many of these accessories even make workplaces more efficient. These attachments are an essential solution for companies who require transferring and manipulating material without needing to spend in specialized machinery.

A common lift truck accessory obtainable includes booms. These could transform a forklift into a mobile crane. Typically, the boom is set up where the tines of the forklift would usually go. Most booms could rotate and swivel in order to enable different motions to be accomplished by the operator. The booms can be built to various lengths and specifications, which depends on the clients requirement. A few are up to 4 meters long or 12 feet, and capable of raising as much as 1,300 kg or 3,000 lbs.

Coil lifting rams are another kind of lift truck accessory. They are designed so as to extend the existing forks on a forklift or in order to offer an individual lifting equipment for materials that come in bundles with a hollow core like carpet rolls. These attachments normally consist of a really strong cylinder which connects to the front of the lift truck and lets operators raise very heavy or huge coils intended for warehouse stacking, construction work and several different applications.

Drum grippers and rotators are forklift attachments designed to be able to handle big steel drums. They could not just transport the steel drums, but turn them into place. A few of these lift truck accessories can deal with multiple drums. These attachments come in two forms: beam drum grippers, connect to the rim of the drum and steel drum grippers, and grasp the drum body.

There are numerous other pallet lifting devices such as slings and fork beams that are designed in order to increase the lifting capacity of the lift truck. These could aid the driver lift stuff and transport them within confined spaces when the normal use of a lift truck is not feasible. This broad variety of forklift accessories varies the forklifts' applications and enables it to be utilized in a variety of places and situations. This market helps to increase a company's effectiveness and material handling capabilities. Many producers of these accessories also design custom pieces ranging from trailer movers to construction scaffold lifters. All attachments are devoted to increasing efficiency and ability on the standard lift truck.

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Lift Truck Accessories: Booms, Drum Grippers, and Coil Lifting Rams

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This article was published on 2011/06/29